Annamie Paul, Toronto Centre Green Party Candidate

Annamie Paul

Your Green Party candidate for Toronto Centre.

I am a lawyer and social entrepreneur dedicated to promoting a sustainable future for Canadians. I was born in Toronto Centre and my bonds of family and friendship run deep in the riding. I have been around political advocacy most of my life and understood from an early age that people need to actively work towards positive change in their communities. The issues that preoccupy Toronto Centre residents are the same issues that concern many Canadians. We want to live in dignity and security and with hopefulness about the future. Toronto Centre residents deserve a Member of Parliament who will put them first and will work every day to deliver a Safe, Affordable, Green City.

I am also a member of the Green Party of Canada Shadow Cabinet, as the Critic for International Affairs.

Green Party of Canada

The Green Party of Canada was founded in 1983 and is part of a global movement of other Green parties. The Green Party is committed to policies that help tackle Canada's greatest challenges in a just and sustainable way that leaves no one behind. We support green economics, progressive social planning and responsible and accountable governance. The Green Party of Canada is committed to: setting the standard for transparency and accountability; sticking to issues instead of attacks in debates; placing the interests of our constituents above those of our party; being the only party with a policy of no whipped votes; and working across party lines in the public interest. Today, there are 17 elected Greens serving in Parliament and in Legislatures across Canada.


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